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A Fuzzy Biography

With a keen interest in music developing at a very young age, Rob was sure to get into the craft himself. Growing up in a modest town not without its character and charm, Excelsior, MN, Rob impressed his parents and distant relatives by experimenting on his household grand piano, forming melodies without any training. His parents stood in awe over Rob's apparent music potential as neither of them, (or anyone traceable down his lineage for that matter) possessed any musical talent. Soon taking an interest in realizing his musical potential, Rob took on the guitar at age nine. Finding creative flow at a very early stage in his musical development, Rob formed many bands from the Piglets of year 2000 (only in the fifth grade at this time) who infused hiphop and reggae/ska with progressive concept-rock elements to the improvisational and experimental rock band, 'Brunch with the Carbon Units' of his high school years.

It wasn't until his sophomore year in college, residing in Portland, Oregon, that Rob began to find his niche in producing electronic pop and hip hop. With an MPK and his computer, Rob very quickly developed an original style that many of his friends in Portland and friends from back home gave him props for. He soon began infusing various elements from orchestral to progressive into his production, crafting an original and melodic 'adventurous hiphop' sound, as he likes to call it. Currently, Rob is an extremely versatile producer with a steadily-increasing arsenal of well-crafted inventive beats ready to target artists ranging throughout the music spectrum.

Recently, Rob has kept very busy producing and recording for local artists from all over Minneapolis in a vocal booth he constructed out of mattresses, proving his unique and enlivening approach to hip hop and electronic pop. He's also performed as a DJ at clubs around Minneapolis ranging all the way from the Red Sea to Dinkytown's Kitty Cat Klub. Currently, he's working on honing his craft as a composer, writing for live instrumentation ranging from small ensembles to orchestra. It's only now that he's begun to find his craft as an electronic pop singer/songwriter, releasing dream pop tunes under the alias, Rob Glacier.