~Good Heat~


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Nuclear Products

Stay tuned for ways this wonderfully hot nectar will be available for the Minneapolis heat-loving public. For now, don't hesitate to call or e-mail Mr. Fuzz himself and simply make an order the archaic but direct way! To commit such a wonderfully hot deed, click contact above and do it! Mr. Fuzz might even extract the nectar from the Earth's core and deliver it to you himself! Be the Burn!

You can express your love for the Nectar here!!

Nuclear Nectar 'Nero Red

Mr. Fuzz's Nuclear Nectar 'Nero Red, a habanero hot sauce. Use a bit of this beautiful nectar to enhance the natural flavors of any dish ranging from a bowl of pho to a slice of pizza. Rather than scorching the tongue, this habanero burn comes in slowly, gradually waking the tongue up to every note of flavor. Or, simply live the HOT life and take a shot! Down the HATCH!

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