~Good Heat~


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A Nuclear Vision

The philosophy behind Nuclear Nectar is simple: Capture the fruit of the chili pepper while retaining its fury. With this in mind, Nuclear Nectar strives to create sauces that accentuate and enhance natural flavors while also bringing a burn to the flavor palette.

In addition to flavor profile, Nuclear Nectar also recognizes the importance of two things that hot chili peppers bring to the table: elevated state of mind (the heightened sensory experience and sense of pleasure that results from the capsaicin-triggered release of endorphins in the brain), and health benefits (increases in metabolic rate and delivery of anti-oxidants).

To start off, Nuclear Nectar is bringing one and only one hot sauce to market called Nuclear Nectar 'Nero RED, a variety made with choice red habaneros that, in keeping with the philosophy of Nuclear Nectar, remarkably captures the fruit of the habanero while retaining its fury. The flavor is enhanced with fresh onions and garlic, and the flames are controlled (but by no means extinguished) by fresh carrots and fresh squeezed lime juice. The result is a very wide, multi-layered depth of flavor where the habanero burn comes in slowly, gradually running through and enhancing each note of flavor. This isn't just a condiment, it's a way of life.